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Despite everything that is going on around us at the moment where we are not allowed to attend group training classes, I thought I would give you some pro’s and con’s for working out online.

In my personal opinion it is becoming more and more necessary for people to train from home at their own pace and on their own time. Most of us are working more than 8 hours a day and then have to sit in traffic for more or less another 2 hours traveling between work and home. This is making it very difficult for us to find time for much needed exercise.

The reason why I love online training so much is because I don’t have to drive to an actual class that will probably have to be before 5am in the morning as this is the only time I really have in my day to train. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love training, but when it means that I will miss an hour’s much needed sleep, I will quickly think of an excuse not to do it.

That is what makes online training so amazing! I can literally get out of bed, brush my teeth, put on my training gear and I’m ready to go. It might be that you only wake up 5 minutes into your session but hey, who cares – no one can see you are still half asleep and at least you got up to do something. The best thing is after your session it will take you only a few steps to get into a hot shower and get ready for work – no need for the ladies to pack an extra bag with make-up, hair dryers, straighteners, etc.

No extra time wasted traveling to and from a training facility sounds great to me. And the most amazing part – when you have such a wonderful husband as I do, you will have a steaming cup of coffee waiting for you when you step out of the shower.

Not all of us are made the same so not all of us can or want to exercise in the morning or in the evening – this all depends on our routine. We all have our own unique time that we prefer to work out. You might think that this will make online training very difficult for you as online live classes will most probably only be at a specific time every day. This is what makes my Lisa Raleigh Bounti – Home training classes so amazing! You can literally train at any time that suits you best.

Now you might think “okay so what is the catch”. The biggest problem with I think most of us is that if we get something that we can “use” at any time that we want we don’t have the discipline to use it. If I give you online classes and say to you that you can use it at whatever time today that suits you best, you will probably not use it at all. You might think this morning that you will rather work out tonight because it’s cold outside and you would rather sleep in a little bit. But the truth is you will be thinking about excuses not to work out tonight after work all day long.

How my online Lisa Raleigh Bounti – Home training classes work is that you need to tell me what time would suit you best. For this example let’s say you choose 6am on Wednesday morning. You will then receive a link from Demio on Tuesday evening and that link will only go live at 6am on Wednesday and will only be ‘active’ for the duration of the class – in other words if the class is 50 minutes the link will be live from 6:00 until 06:50. Should you only select the link at 6:10 you will miss the first 10 minutes of class the same way you would’ve missed 10 minutes for an actual class at the gym or any other training facility. By doing it like this I make sure that you stay accountable for your training session and it will also feel like you are actually attending a live online training session.

If you are someone who can’t necessarily motivate yourself to exercise or need some extra motivation during the week you don’t have to worry. There will be several support groups available on Telegram, Facebook and Whatsapp where everybody can share their stories and you can chat about the class etc. What makes my classes unique is that the Lisa Raleigh Bounti – Home training classes are not something that will go away once Covid-19 has disappeared – it is here to stay. I know that there are plenty of you who would rather exercise at home in the comfort of your living room than go to a gym or some other form of training facility.

I do have rebounder sets that I rent out so you don’t even have to worry to buy your own rebounder as it is quite an expensive accessory to own. What is also great is that I have online classes included in the monthly cost of the renting of the rebounder.

So with this all in mind I think you would agree with me that online training classes are the way to go. It is time efficient and the most comfortable way of exercising as you can do it at home at the best time that suits you.

Looking forward to seeing you in my classes!

Healthy Greetings,


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