Rebounder with weight bar, dumb bells, pilatus ball and resistance band

What Is Rebounding?


Rebounding is a low impact aerobic exercise that is performed while bouncing on a mini trampoline. This exercise is easy on the joints and allows you to work your cardiovascular system without…

What Are The benefits of Rebounding?

Standing on Rebounder with fitkicks on

Rebounding is an amazing exercise. Here are some of the benefits of rebounding:It boosts your energy, It improves digestion, It stimulates your lymphatic system …

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I am Nadine Snyman, I was born and raised in Pretoria and I’ve always been working in the corporate world. I moved to Potchefstroom around 13 years ago but life took a turn and I had to move bac…

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Schematic showing pelvic floor muscle location

The pelvic floor muscle

The pelvic floor muscle is a very important muscle for both women and men. The pelvic floor muscle is made up from layers of muscle…
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