Soooo, yes, in my last blog I promised lots of new and exciting content coming and now it is almost the end of March and I still have not done anything! This year started with a bang…. it’s only March and so many things have happened.

Our year started off with a really big but very nice surprise…I found out that I am pregnant on the 5th of January. What a start to 2022! Although our little bundle of joy was planned, it still came as a huge surprise as we did not think that I would get pregnant so soon. We were only trying for two months and BAM… our little one was busy developing. We are truly blessed as I realize there are so many couples out there really struggling to get pregnant.

Wow, how do you survive your 1st trimester? All I can say is it was tough…really tough. I take my hat off to all the mama’s out there who have been through this not only once, but a couple of times. It really was not easy for me. I got hit by terrible nausea – I don’t know why it is called morning sickness because I was nauseas ALL of the time. It was terrible. Besides that I was also very tired, I would literally sit behind the desk and fall asleep. Just like that. From what I have heard from other mama’s is that luckily you forget all the bad things when you first see your bundle of joy. I certainly hope I forget this otherwise there is no chance our baby is going to have a sibling one day!

I guess I was a bit shocked when I found out that I was expecting our first child. I mean, I really know NOTHING about pregnancy and babies. What do you do? What can’t you do? Is it okay to do this or okay to do that? Let’s just say that google is one of my best friends now. And yes, I know that I should not believe everything I read on google but hey you have to start somewhere.

One of the things I first thought about is whether I will be able to continue with rebounding? Rebounding has been such a big part of my life for the last couple of years, so what do I do if I can’t do rebounding anymore? Needless to say I googled that too… I rather should not have done it because the general advise out there is that it is bad for you and will harm the baby etc. I was really disappointed to say the least. Although I already loved our baby still growing inside of me and I’m already excited for him/her to join our family, I just could not go without my daily rebounding fix.

So I decided that I’m just going to take a chance and see how my body reacts when I’m on the rebounder. Surely my body will tell me when something is not okay to do or if something hurts I will immediately stop. The first few weeks was fine, I could basically exercise as I normally did although I did get tired much sooner and my heart rate went through the roof with some of the cardio I did. Although my body was not really giving me major signs I was still a bit unsure whether I was doing the correct thing.

I could only see my Gynecologist a few weeks later so I spoke to Lisa Raleigh to get her opinion as I am sure that I am not the first lady falling pregnant after rebounding for such a long time. Lisa truly is an amazing person, if I can just add that. In Lisa’s opinion I could continue rebounding as I have been doing it for a long time, but just to keep my bounces low, to avoid tuck jumps, make sure my heart rate does not go up too high and to stay hydrated.

I followed Lisa’s advise and it really worked for me. Now please remember that I am not a doctor and have zero qualifications in any medical field. So if you are reading this blog because you are pregnant and wondering if you can continue rebounding – rather speak to your doctor first to get the necessary approval – especially if you have not done rebounding before.

Now yes there were days when I did not rebound, as I just did not feel up to it. Other days I started the class and halfway through I was just laying on my rebounder watching one of Lisa’s FOMO classes as I just did not have the energy to do anything, or was feeling so nauseas I could not continue the class. The thing is what I have noticed, even on days that I was not feeling really up to it and only ‘half bounced’ is that I felt better after the class. Rebounding surely is a miracle exercise. I had more energy after the class and I felt less nauseas after the session.

A few weeks later I had my first appointment at the Gynecologist and he gave me the all clear to continue with rebounding. I was really relieved. The thing from what I understand is that the bouncing is not the problem while pregnant, the real concern comes in with balance – if you fall off the rebounder and fall on your stomach the placenta can rip and that can cause a lot of problems. So I am just making sure that I am taking it easy, and when we are doing balance exercises I rather hold on to something to decrease my risk of falling down.

I don’t know for how long I will be able to continue with the classes, but sure hope I will be able to continue until the very end, taking is easier every month and adjusting the exercises with every new trimester.

Hope to write again soon!


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